While I was at the Texas Military Forces Museum I came across a Soviet MT-LB. It was the lone Soviet AFV and had what appeared to be a desert color scheme and markings from an Arab nation; I’m curious to know if anyone can identify which as I don’t know myself. The placard for this vehicle had a sub name of MPTV; I’m not sure what that means but I suspect it refers to the variant as the box like structure on the rear end doesn’t appear to be standard; if anyone can help clarify this I would appreciate it. There is a great article on Wikipedia about the MT-LB (www); in short though, the MT-LB was a troop transport from the early 1970s. The MT-LB could carry up to 11 people in its rear compartment or carry 2,000kg of cargo or tow up to 6,500kg. The vehicle has a two man crew; the driver and a commander/gunner.  The vehicle weighs 13.1 tons (11.9 tonnes) and is fully amphibious.  The main armament is a 7.62 mm PKT machine gun in a turret; there are further 4 gun ports on the vehicle.