The 44M Zrínyi I (foreground) & 40/43M Zrínyi II.

The 44M Zrínyi I (foreground) & 40/43M Zrínyi II.


The 44M Zrínyi I & 40/43M Zrínyi II were Hungarian assault guns based on the Turán tank. Although only the prototype of the 44M Zrínyi I was made, between 40 and 66 of the 40/43M Zrínyi II units would be produced between August 1943 and July 1944 (“43M Zrínyi”). The 44M Zrínyi I, was intended for an Anti-Tank role and incorporated a long 43M 75mm gun (“43M Zrínyi”). The 40/43M Zrínyi II was a traditional Infantry Support vehicle and was armed with a 40M 105mm L/20 howitzer (“43M Zrínyi”). Of the two, only a single remains 40/43M Zrínyi II and is at the Kubinka tank museum in Russia; this vehicle was captured by Romanian troops in Transylvania during September–October 1944 and pressed into service briefly before being seized by the Red Army (“43M Zrínyi”). These vehicle designs were born of the effectiveness of similar vehicles fighting on the Eastern Front; coupled with the inherent cost saving in building assault guns which are less expensive to build than a traditional tank (“A Zrínyi I rohamlöveg és a Zrínyi II rohamtarack.”).

The 44M Zrínyi I can be easily distinguished from the 40/43M Zrínyi II because of it’s longer barrel.

The shorter barreled 40/43M Zrínyi II.

More of the 40/43M Zrínyi II.

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