In 1931 the Soviet tank design team (OKMO bureau) was ordered to develop a medium tank, the T-22; the task would fall to a German engineer Edward Grote(or Grotte as sometimes written). The ensuing project led by Grotte would end up bearing his name as the TG-1(Tank Grotte-1) or Tank Grotte. The vehicle only made it to the prototype stage, with the prototype vehicle being made in 1932. The development took place in Leningrad. Although the vehicle performed well in tests it was passed in favor of heavier contemporary designs due to it’s complicated design.

Although the TG was referred to as a medium tank design, it is described as an Assault gun as it possessed a 76.2mm Gun A-19 in its super structure atop which sat a turret mounting a 37mm Gun PS-2. The super structure mounting the 76.2mm Gun A-19 is sometimes mistakenly referred to as a turret.  The TG bears a close resemblance in terms of it’s general design to the Churchill-1; which mounted a 2 pounder in it’s turret and a 3 inch howitzer in it’s hull.

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