Chrysler's TV-8 Medium Tank Concept.

Chrysler’s TV-8 Medium Tank Concept.

Today’s post is on Chrysler’s wonderful TV-8 medium tank concept from the 1950s. The vehicle’s unique design placed the entire crew, the main armament, and engine in a bubble shaped superstructure; often referred to as a turret. The main gun was fixed in the turret, this and a lack of information to suggest the turret moved makes me think this vehicle was closer in design to an Assault gun than a conventional medium tank. The approximate weight of the vehicle was to be 25 tons with 15 being in the superstructure. The superstructure was planned to be separable for transport by air. The main armament was to have been a 90mm gun T208 with an autoloader. Secondary armaments were to include a .50 caliber machine gun on the turret and two .30 caliber machine mounted co-axially. The vehicle was designed with WMDs in mind and this was reflected in several design considerations including placing a closed circuit TV system inside the tank.

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