Germany's Krupp Raumer S (Selbstrantrieb)  Heavily Armoured Minesweeper

Germany’s Krupp Raumer S (Selbstrantrieb) heavily armoured minesweeper pictured after having been captured by US forces.

The Raumer S (Selbstrantrieb) was a heavily armoured minesweeper developed and built by Krupp for Germany during the Second World War. Weighing over 130 tons, this behemoth was effectively two sections articulated in the center, and moved by massive steel wheels that were 2.7 m in diameter. The vehicle was 15 m long and 4 m high. The track widths differed between the front and rear to encourage a wider sweep path. Each section of the Raumer S was powered by a Mayback HL90 engine generating 360 hp and 3600 rpm. Although armaments were not placed on the prototype which was created, there were plans to mount 7.92mm MG-42 machine guns for both anti-personnel and anti-aircraft roles. At the end of the war the existing Raumer S prototype was captured by the US Military; although what happened after it’s capture is unknown.

An artist's representation of Germany's Krupp Raumer S (Selbstrantrieb) heavily armoured minesweeper.

An artist’s representation of Germany’s Krupp Raumer S (Selbstrantrieb) heavily armoured minesweeper.

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