What follows is an excellent selection of photos, showing Adolf Hitler as he is presented with the scale wooden mockup of the Maus, as well as a remote controlled model. This event occurred on May 1st 1943. Having reviewed the mockup Hitler ordered 150 vehicles.

Regarding the Maus, Heinz Guderian, who would act in many capacities during the war, including Inspector-General of Armoured Troops, wrote in his book Panzer Leader:

On May 1st Hitler had inspected the wooden model of a ‘Mouse,’ a tank designed by Professor Porsche and the Krupp Company which was to be armed with a 150 mm. cannon. It’s total weight was supposed to be 175 tons; it must therefore be assumed that, after Hitler had ordered his usual supplementary changes to the initial design, it would weigh nearer 200 tons. But the model displayed carried no machine-guns for close-range fighting. For this reason I had to turn it down. This was the same mistake that Porsche had made in designing his Ferdinand Tiger and which had rendered the Ferdinand useless at close quarters; ultimately no tank can avoid fighting at close range, particularly if it is to co-operate with infantry. Our discussion grew heated, since everyone present except me regarded the Mouse as a very handsome tank. It did, indeed, promise to be ‘gigantic.’ (“Panzer Leader”, Guderian 309)

These photographs are watermarked bpk; Bildarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz, which is the visual archive of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation.