Based on the chasis of the Panzer IV (hence the name Sturmpanzer IV), the “Brummbär” (as it was known by the Allies), meaning “Grouch” was developed in late 1942 by Alkett, and ordered by Hitler for production after review on October 20 of 1942.  In November of 1943 production began. The vehicle would see combat for the first time by July of 1943 in the Battle of Kursk. Over 300 vehicles would be produced by the end of the war; with the vehicle seeing four revisions including changes to improve the capacity of the vehicle to handle it’s weight.

Support Gun: Sturmpanzer 43/ Sturmpanzer IV “Brummbär”
Main Armament: 15 cm StuH 43 L/12
Secondary Armament: 7.92 mm MG 34
Weight: 28.2 tonnes
Speed: 40 km/h on-road
24 km/h off-road
Crew: 5

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