I recently bought a lot off eBay of tank models. Included was an odd piece I couldn’t identify; and I eventually passed it off as more fantasy and fun than fact. While at the Texas Military Forces Museum I was surprised to stumble onto this vehicle; it was the M56 Scorpion. I have attached to this post pictures of both the actual vehicle and the model I have; the model was in very poor shape when I received it and I was able to reassemble what I have. What threw me off about the model was the scale; but the real vehicle matches and to be clear this vehicle is small compared to the other AFVs on the lot.┬áThe M56 is a self-propelled anti-tank gun and it was built through the 1950s. It is armed with a 90mm M54 gun. This vehicle weights 8 tons (7.1 tonnes). The vehicle served during the Vietnam War but not during the Korean War having been first built the year that war ended in an Armistice.