The Neubaufahrzeug (“New Vehicle”) was a tank design based off of the Großtraktor (“Large Tractor”) tank design. The Großtraktor as a design began its life in secret in Russia at the secret testing facility Kama, which was jointly being used by the Russians and Germans; pursuant to the Treaty of Rapollo. The terms of the Treaty of Versailles at the end of World War I ruled out tanks as an option for Germany’s military, and thus the creation of Germany’s nascent post war tank force was done in secrecy. The Großtraktor project resulted in several prototypes which were briefly used for training purposes prior to being decommissioned. The Neubaufahrzeug project resulted in multiple prototypes, some of which would see action during the invasion of Norway. Prior to the use of the Neubaufahrzeug during the invasion of Norway, the vehicle was shown during the 1939  International Automobile Exposition in Berlin (“Neubaufahrzeug”). Physically the Neubaufahrzeug showed similarities to the Großtraktor design including the use of a 75mm cannon. The two designs created by Rheinmetall-Borsig and Krupp were labeled the PzKpfw NbFz V (PanzerKampfwagen NeubauFahrzeug V) and the PzKpfw NbFz VI respectively (“Neubaufahrzeug”).

Check out this video of a Neubaufahrzeug RC kit:

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