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The T1 Cunningham

The T1 Cunningham  prototype circa 1925.

The T1 Cunningham prototype circa 1925.

Recently I’ve enjoyed editing the Wiki; I’ve been focusing on Tanks from the United States. One of the first tanks I’ve focused on is the T1 Cunningham and the variants thereof as developed in the mid to late 1920s by James Cunningham. There were six notable variants of the original T1 design; they are the: T1E1, T1E2, T1E3, T1E4, T1E5, & T1E6. None of these vehicles would leave the prototype stage.

Roll Out!

After a short hiatus I’m back. It was clear in the interim that that the software I was using to power Tankpedia was inadequate; so I have chosen to work with some other packages and now the site is being rolled out anew.

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